Producing Phthalic Anhydride since 1971

The Phthalic Anhydride production starts in 1971 with a capacity of 28.000 tons a year: the beginning of a long tradition. By 1973, the capacity grows to 48.000 tons a year. In 1981, the production increases to 80.000 tons a year. From that moment on, the unit 
evolves into one of the biggest producers in Europe.

Alongside of the production of PA, a production unit for derivative plasticisers arises.

Through the years, the site keeps developing according to the technological progress in the process industry. Due to the growing demand for PA, the unit is debottlenecked and one of the reactors is replaced at the end of the ‘90’s. This makes the capacity rise to 105.000 tons a year.

OBC strives to continue the long tradition of PA production and to anchor itself in the region.

1984 controleroom before computers
1984: controleroom before computers
1977: new BASF catalyst
new reactor arriving in Zandvoorde (in service since 2003)
new reactor arriving in Zandvoorde (in service since 2003)